Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I just wanted to say a quick hello to my new followers, it's great to have you join me as I explore the wonderful (and sometimes rather weird) world of The Cotswolds, a beautiful region of the UK.  I'm gradually catching up on all your blogs, I was following some of you already in my old Google account so it's a little like having visits from old friends!  I think my blog list is going to get longer and longer.

If you have time why not check out some of the lovely blogs that reside there already?  Tickety Boo is even having a give-away to celebrate 100 followers.

If you are members One A Day Group, if that is the case then suffice to say that I've caved, started a new project, and I'll show you on Tuesday.  For now here's a little socky lunacy (taken before I had familiarised myself with the Big Posh Camera) which I hope might make you smile:

I'm off to start my new project.


  1. These are very adorable!! I like the second one, its got such cute facial features :D

  2. Did you make those?! How awesome! Are those made from socks? That is a great way to use up all of my socks with holes (I am one of those persons that has trouble getting rid of worn out things -_-).

  3. You are so talented! Those are gorgeous and they did indeed make me smile. Have you ever thought about selling them? If you want to I could send you a form for our Art and Craft exhibition at work and you could try your luck? The first one looks like the socks I have on now which I pinched from my daughters drawer this morning ;)
    Thanks for mentioning my blog and my Giveaway.

  4. Stripey cat is famous!! K loves her stripey cat xx

  5. Thank you for your nice comments.

    Suzanne, I have to say that I tend to use new socks but that's just me, lots of people make fab things with old holey numbers. You could often cut out the holey bits I reckon.

    Tickety-boo, I have thought about selling the sock toys but to be honest they take me AGES to make (quite fiddly actually) and I find that making them for my loved ones fills my time (and goes down a storm). They are tesco socks, I bought set to wear and a set to make sock toys with. how sad is that? I bet they are the same as your daughters.

    Paula, I love giving them to my favourite people, I am glad that Kate likes him! Thanks again for being my first follower. We need to meet soon, fancy a break in the Cotswolds?

  6. do you have a pattern for this one i wood love too make it for the lil girls i baby sit for they wood love it i make sock monkeys but never a kitty