Friday, 16 September 2011

FO Friday

Here is a little something I put together with help from my M in L last Saturday just in time for a little poppets birthday.  Not one of my own little poppets this time, but a little girl who is very close to my heart nevertheless.

I had other plans for what I was going to make but unfortunately, because of sizing errors, it didn't work out so this is what I came up with instead.  I actually quite genuinely believe it came out better than the original plan (I'm keeping quiet about that because I am saving the idea for (whispers) Christmas) and she really seemed genuinely thrilled with it.  I was so chuffed, because sometimes I think we assume our children want endless plastic and I'm rapidly drawing the conclusion that this is not the case.  Children love to make things, it is only common sense that they like to be given things that we have made.

As you can see my B tried to pinch it but it was not her name or her birthday so she was out of luck this time.

And, as L is now two weeks into her new school I thought I would show you the crafty objects she finished over the summer.  The weather was largely awful over the holidays so we had quite a lot of time in the new house. In some ways this was a shame but at least it gave her time to regroup after a peculiarly stressful period in her life.  I love these little treasures...

She throws herself into everything 100%, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.  If ever there was a little person who needs peaceful crafting in her life then it is her.  She is settling into her new school, but she doesn't find the process easy.  I'm hoping that she will be happy there eventually.

Thank you for popping by, there is loads more to see at Tami's blog.


  1. Such prettiness!! I love the pillow and the little pot :)

  2. i lurve the pillow! And the cutie holding it!

    And what a talented L you have!!

  3. The pillow is wonderful! kids always love things with their name on it.

  4. Ah, the infamous cushion! I can see why PB and MM (and your own adorable B) love it so much! :)

    Did L do the mosaics as well? If so... she's very talented!


  5. She did make the mosaics Lene but they were from a kit. She certainly has the talent to focus on the task in hand, which is more than I could claim!

    Thank you for the lovely comments everybody.