Friday, 2 September 2011

The End of The Summer and New Shoes

It's the end of the Summer holidays and yesterday we ventured to the shoe shop to buy new shoes.  Children's shoes are rather special little things really.  One of my favourite pictures is this one:

Taken several years ago of L's first real pair of shoes.  As you can see she wore them for a long time and they got very battered but I think that's what makes them special.

L and B love the little sandals they wear all summer long and so do I because I like to see their funny little toes wriggling freely like they did when they were babies, but for school and the Autumn something more substantial is required and here they are:

Comfy, sensible and ready for the new term at her new school in Hilly Town.  A lovely school which I sincerely hope she will not have to move from until she outgrows it and which her little sis will attend as well.  Let's hope that her life is a little calmer this year than it was last.


  1. This account provokes fond childhood recollections for me. I remember getting my new school shoes at the beginning of each school term.

  2. Yes, I remember it being a very big deal.