Monday, 22 August 2011

Soporific Sundays

Well this is very exciting for me, my first ever blog post!  I'm going to start as I mean to go on and tell you about one of the small pleasures of our new life in Hilly Town.

We live in a rather unprepossessing (from the outside) house but it does have its benefits.  It's light, airy, spacious and the views of Hilly Town are fabulous.  Also we are just a short walk away from open  common land which deserves several posts of its own and no doubt will receive them in time.  From my point of view though one of the best aspects of our new house is its proximity to a lovely swings and open field for L and B to run about in.  Going to the swings is a great way of blowing away those Sunday cobwebs anyway but there is even more of an incentive when the view from up there is this.....

I had great plans of heading up here with tea in my trusty insulated cup most afternoons this summer but sadly the holidays are nearly over and the weather has been terrible whilst at the same time we have been manically busy with the rigmarole of moving and settling in.  In the late afternoon yesterday I managed to drag myself and my parents in law off the sofa and up the hill.  I think they felt obliged to humour me because I had cooked them a roast dinner and in the process scarred myself for life on our new oven.

Anyway, we walked up the hill and I abandoned the little ones to their Grandparents while I got busy with the camera.

Mr HT has leave this week so there should be a few more trips to blog, and I have crafty projects to share, but until then enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

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