Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Joining in with Work In Progress Wednesday

I have noticed, on my journey through the blogging world, that there are some lovely communities out there.  In particular my interests have led me towards the crafting community.  Now I am relatively new to grown-up crafting.  My path to crochet mastery is a long and knotty one, and one on which I still have far to travel.  Oh I do love it though, it's so rewarding and gratifyingly fast growing.  My knitting is childishly simple and occasionally awful; Knitting in the round?  Nope.  Cables?  Nope.  Lace?  Nope.  Increasing and decreasing?  Yes, but badly.  It is, as they say on Strictly Come Dancing, A Journey.

Over the past few weeks I have been enjoying Work In Progress Wednesday and Finished Object Friday.  I would like to join the party, albeit a little late.  With this in mind I got busy with the camera this morning to show you a couple of my works in progress.

Firstly we have The Granny Stripe:

Now I have been working on this for a long time, more or less since I picked up a hook and found the beautiful Attic24 website from where this pattern came.  The problem has been that you have to sit under it to work on it and it's been a little too warm for that sort to thing recently.  I've picked it up again though and think I have two more colour repetitions to do before I can give it a border.  Sometimes a rubbish summer can be a blessing.  I have lifted this pattern and the colours I have used in their entirety from Lucy's website.  Funnily enough now that I have a little more experience I probably would have the confidence to choose my own colours but it is what it is, and will stand as a permanent reminder of my beginnings in crochet and the debt of inspiration I owe her.

Secondly the manly Granny Square:

This is for my beloved Mr HT.  He feels the cold these days, especially in his poor old wrist, so this one is especially for him.  I've tried to keep the colours pleasantly Autumnal (that hot pink is actually burgundy) so that he can drape it around without too much embarrassment.  Well, to suggest he will drape it anywhere is probably overstating things, bung it around might be nearer the mark.  I have to say that he finds my new fixation on crochet rather peculiar, but I'm hoping this will help to persuade him that I am still in possession of my faculties.  The blanket is not a surprise and I was pleased when the other day I suggested that my father might be a more worthy recipient and he objected in no uncertain terms.

Thank you for popping by (if anybody does) it really is a lovely idea this WIP wednesday and well worth heading over to Tami's blog for a look at the work of some better crafters that me.


  1. You under-estimate your skill-set Lady ... that blanket is all kinds of AWESOME!!!!! I love it ... I really do.

    I'm sure Mr.H's is going to be equally fabulous. If it's any consolation .. .after all these years, I could only crochet a chain and do some wonky sc. You're in great company. LOL!!! Hope to see more from you.

  2. Oh wow thank you, you are my first comment ever! Hope to hear from you again to.

  3. As Nicky said, those blankets are awesome! I think your blog is beautiful, too (background, photos, the whole thing) -- and those children, what beauties!

  4. Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying blogging, I've got a feeling it will be a long term fixture in my life.

  5. Wow I love the subtle transitions in those granny squares - very effective!

  6. Thank you, I'm trying to get the balance right between the different types of yarn. It's good fun and I think it will work out in the end. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Your blankets are absolutely wonderful, and I'm sure that Mr HT will be delighted with his - the colours you've used are just gorgeous, in a very manly way of course ;)