Monday, 22 August 2011

Geocaching at the Cotswold Water Park

Not far from us is the very exciting sounding Cotswold Water Park.  I understand it has fabulous playgrounds, a beach and lots of areas to explore.  It all sounds very lovely and I am greatly looking forward to visiting it once the thronging summer masses have withdrawn a little.  For today though Mr HT and I decided that it was the perfect afternoon to get the girls out and about and see if we couldn't snag ourselves a couple of geocaches in the process.

Geocaching is a great way to find out about an area.  Basically you need a set of map reference points, a GPS, a little determination and a philosophical attitude to stinging nettles.  People have hidden varying size boxes (or caches) all over the place and the idea is to find them and sign the log book.  One of the appealing things about it is that people are generally careful to hide the caches in interesting and out of the way places.  Therefore it is an easy way to find some pleasant areas for walks and picnics, both of which are very popular in our house.

So today we set out for a place called Neigh Bridge Country Park which is part of the Water Park and very lovely it was.  It is free to wander around this section of the park, parking is plentiful and there is even a (very) little playground.

Now sometimes those Geocaches can be very tricky to find, quite confounding in fact, but today we found three, after some hard hunting of course.

And even The Mutt enjoyed a refreshing swim, so altogether a lovely afternoon and one I would certainly recommend to like minded people.

Happily it also made me pleased again to have chosen a slightly different part of The Cotswolds to live in.  I lived and worked in Cirencester once upon a time and enjoyed it very much but I do like the industrious, creative vibe of Hilly Town.  I'm enjoying getting to know all that is going on.  Fingers crossed I'll make it to the local farmer's market on Saturday, I'm looking forward to reporting back on that one.

If you would like to find out more about geocaching I suggest that you visit for lots more information.

I hope you have had a sun-filled day.

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  1. We are geocachers too. You have beautiful children.