Saturday, 27 August 2011

41 Sheep

It's been a couple of days since I've posted because we've been out and about enjoying having Mr HT at home with us.  Once again we've found plenty to entertain ourselves.

Let me come clean and admit that up until recently I had no interest whatsoever in local papers.  This was probably because I did not feel local.  Oh, and sometimes they were in German which didn't help.  Now truth to tell I still don't feel local.  I'm not sure how long, if ever, that will take to happen.  That aside I now understand the allure of the local paper.  It is where the more wacky local ideas are touted.  For example the Sheep Trail of Bisley.

Imagine the joy on my loved ones' faces when I announced that we were going to Bisley, home of no less a person that Jilly Cooper, to locate 41 assorted sheep such as these:

Bisley is inhabited by the friendliest people on earth.  Ever organised as I am, after buying the Sheep Trail Map from the local shop I immediately had to pop back in to buy a pen to fill in the form.  The man smiled wryly, and produced a shiny new pen from the box behind the counter, "I'd have made a fortune if I sold pens," he said, "you can keep that one."  Everybody smiled warmly as we marched off in search of our woolly friends, some kindly souls even helped us out when we looked stuck, little releasing that confused is my default face setting when given a map, a bit like instruction manuals.  I just don't want people to expect too much of me.

Strangely the only people looking less than enamoured of the whole affair were the other people clutching their maps and freebie bic biros.  Turns out that Bisley is surprisingly large (though very beautiful) and it was taking people several days to actually find all 41 sheep.   We had a lovely morning tootling around admiring the cotswold stone and stunning settings, ticking off sheep and thinking that village life might not be so bad if one could afford the right village.

It wasn't a great day for photos, and much of what was lovely was private properties and gardens, which I felt wrong about photographing and then putting on the net, but we got a couple nonetheless.

This little dog just remained oblivious to Mr HT's camera touting, I have a feeling he was used to it, posing as he was on a gatepost with the air of a professional.

We managed about 15 sheep before the weather turned nasty and we headed for home.  Maybe we'll go and finish off tomorrow.  Maybe.  


  1. What a fun way to spend the day! Bisley looks like a lovely place.

  2. It's beautiful, we're very lucky to live around here.